Cherry Blossom (Sakura) Tattoo Ideas

Cherry BlossomI must admit I’ve always had a “thing” for cherry blossoms.  I think they are beautiful and the meaning behind them really hits home.  In the Chinese culture, the cherry blossom symbolizes strength, power, feminine beauty and sexuality.  Because the cherry blossom is so delicate and only is open for a short amount of time, the Japanese use it to symbolize the transience of life.

I started to look into getting a tattoo of cherry blossoms and wanted to share some of my favorite cherry blossom tattoos with you all.

Cherry Blosson Tattoo shoulder

I love the look of these cherry blossoms across her shoulder.  They look almost antique or painted on.


Cherry Blossom Tattoo

This cherry blossom tree looks amazing.  The shading is outstanding.


Cherry Blossom tattoo

The cherry blossoms on this tattoo look so delicate.  You can see the depth of each petal.

Cherry Blossom Tattoo

I must admit this is my favorite cherry blossom tattoo of all.  Doesn’t it look like it would hurt really bad though?!  I love how it wraps around her body and the colors are just amazing.


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