My summer is now Sparkling….and Delicious! #DasaniSparkling

2014-05-31 07.49.12

Disclosure: This article was sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.     I will admit, that I’m not the biggest water fan.  I’d rather have flavor.  When Dasani announced that they were coming out with a brand new drink, called DASANI Sparkling, I was excited to try it  out! [...]

Why didn’t I help the homeless woman?


I stopped at a thrift store today to take a look around.  I always try to stop by when I’m in town.  Today was different.  The store was packed.  Much more than a normal, middle of the day, during the week, day.  It was senior discount day, so the aisles were filled with a LOT [...]

BBQ Pulled Pork Gorditas


Disclosure: This article was sponsored and written in a collaboration with DataRank and KC Masterpiece.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own.   My family loves pulled pork, in all forms.  Most recently I had the idea that I needed to incorporate another family favorite, gorditas.  This is a super easy recipe and great for [...]

10 Tips for Better Pictures With Your Smartphone

how to take better pictures with your smart phone

When I got my first mobile phone back in 1998, I thought I was special because I could play Snake on it!  Phones have come a long way since then.  Each new phone that is released has a faster processor, more memory and features which make it that much more convenient.  I remember when phones [...]

Simple Side Twists {Hair Tutorial}

how to put simple twists in your hair

A little while back, Kylie Jenner made headlines with her “faux cornrows” she wore in her hair.  I almost liked them…but not enough to do it myself.  So I wanted to create a similar look that was more…me.  I also wanted it to be easier than a bunch of little bitty braids that make your [...]